Location: Berlin, Germany // Prof. Bryony Roberts // Rice School of Architecture, Spring 2013

A new elevated path creates a new, oblique movement experience through Breitscheidplatz; an under-utilized public square that currently serves merely as transitory space.The new path extends public space off the ground by converting existing spaces within buildings adjacent to Breitscheidplatz. Such sweeping interventions encourage visitors to engage the plaza from different vantage points whilst maintaining the monumentality of the church and history of the plaza.

At the urban scale, the path takes the shape of a lightning bolt that brings people in from the train station to the shopping street (Kurfurstendamm) and simultaneously maintains an outward connection to the urban fabric. The path cuts under and through existing structures at three key moments; calling out transitions between the public and private realms. At these specific moments, a sectional shift occurs as you move obliquely from one space to another and the height of an overhead soffit changes.

Last Updated:  August 2019