Rice University Art Gallery - Houston, TX // Prof. Jesus Vassallo // Rice School of Architecture, Fall 2014

Inspired by and in collaboration with Atelier Bow Wow from Tokyo, "Shotgun" is a house-like structure that brings together a semester of in-depth research and analysis on the shotgun house - a housing type unique to the American South that is named for its corridor-like layout that has a clear path (or shot) from front to back.

Inside the Gallery, we built a near-1:1 scale prototype of multiple shotgun houses fused together. With this project we sought to ignite conversation about preservation, affordable housing types and new possibilities for this historic type within the Houston landscape. Throughout the semester, we investigated the social, economic and environmental forces at play with the shotgun house throughout history, its influence and role as the center of infrastructural and logistical relationships, as well as the evolution of the architectural type from its origins to its current manifestation in contemporary houses.

For more information about the project, please visit the Gallery's website. All images shown are courtesy of others.

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